Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What is your Twitter strategy?

Twitter is one of the big three social media sites. In our opinion, LinkedIn and Facebook make up the other two. Social media has also received a lot of media lately thanks to the now infamous and inappropriate antics of politicians (Anthony Weiner), sports stars (Brett Favre), celebrities (Gilbert Gottfried), and many other "not so famous" web citizens.

One recent article on Mashable.com actually lists some of these in their, "10 People Who Lost Jobs Over Social Media." 

Besides some of the negative press associated with Twitter and social media, there is really a lot of productive ways to use 140 characters. So, how do you use Twitter?

Here are 6 different Twitter strategies we think people use:

1. Superstar. If you are part of this elite minority, you may employ Twitter as a tool to keep in touch with your fans. A way to share who you really are.
Twitter Tip: Keep it real. We know you are human, so every tweet doesn't have to be ground-breaking news.

2. Friend. Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with friends, keep them in the loop, and share inside jokes.
Twitter Tip:Beware of what pictures you send. It may be to a friend, but it is still on the cloud and can go viral very quickly.

3. Networking. Twitter can be used to make new professional contacts, follow experts and peers in your "professional community," and contribute to the sharing of ideas.
Twitter Tip: Organize these people into respective lists so you can easily get access to specific feeds.

4. Research. If you want to use Twitter for research you can follow experts, organizations relevant to your areas of interest. Purely to learn, get news, and then share with your followers. This is the strategy we follow for @Learningexplosn. We continuously scan for any news relevant to learning, social media, mobile learning, and all things elearning.
Twitter Tip: If this is your Twitter strategy we suggest only following relevant people and organizations so that your feed that you scan is manageable.

5. Marketing. Many brands utilize Twitter effectively to share relevant news and product information.
Twitter Tip: Don't try to sell your followers with every tweet. Instead, try to provide valuable informationnand resources with most of your tweets. People will stop following you if you don't.

6. Whatever. Many people have a twitter account and randomly follow whoever follows them, or whoever interests them that day. They tweet whatever they want and don't care what people think. The beauty of Twitter is that the whatever approach is completely acceptable and porbably makes up the majority of tweeters out there.
Twitter Tip (if you even care): At least change your profile image from the default egg to something. Anything but the egg.

So, which strategy do you use?

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