Sunday, March 25, 2012

Webinar Hypnosis

You all know how hypnosis works – pick a spot, fixate on that spot, listen carefully to my voice, keep looking at that spot, hearing my voice, you’re getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepier…. You’re now fully relaxed and in my power….

How’s that different than “sit there while I talk at you”, “look at your screen or that tiny webcam at the top of the screen”, “stay focused on that unmoving, text drenched PowerPoint… and don’t feel sleepy, sleepier, sleepier…

The goal of webinars should not be to induce an hypnotic state. You shouldn’t create a “spot” for people to focus on while you lull them into a near death experience.

The goal of webinars should be to induce an engaged, interactive, vital state. Not nap time.

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