Monday, March 5, 2012

Thunderstorm vs Snowstorm Teachers

Living in the Rocky Mountains we need snow to survive. It piles up in the mountains and then slowly melts throughout the spring and summer filling up our lakes and reservoirs. Without snow we wouldn't have enough water to drink through the rest of the year. We've learned to love it when a snowstorm rolls through and drops feet of deep powder on our mountains.

When you learn something, which teachers made the biggest impact on you? The most lasting impact? Was it the equivalent to a snowstorm or a rain shower?

Thunderstorm Teachers are those who come in with a big bang, make lots of teaching noise dump some water on your head and then leave quickly--along with their precipitation.

Snowstorm teachers are those who come quietly and shower us with piles of learning snow that will last for days, weeks or months.

But every once in a while you get a combination of both -- where the excitement, energy and snow depth is so amazing that you'll talk about it forever -- this is the "Snowstorm Teacher of the Century".

You may remember your Thunderstorm Teacher because they were flashy and exciting. But we'll wager that the lasting effects of your Snowstorm Teacher have had even more impact in your life. But when you experience a Snowstorm Teacher of the Century, your life will be changed forever.

Now think:

Try and remember your "Snowstorm Teacher of the Century". What did they do to make you learn?

What type of teacher are you? How can you leave an equally great contribution to those around you?

Let it snow.

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