Thursday, March 8, 2012

We have a winner! See what the cover of our next book is thanks to YOUR input.

Thanks to your feedback and input, we have what we feel is a great cover for our new book, The Webinar Manifesto: Never Design, Deliver, or Attend Crappy Webinars Again! (Coming in May 2012)

Many of you who voted on our Facebook page, contacted us via Twitter, and gave us your opinion at learning conferences we presented at. While the voting was close, this design kept rising to the top.

With this book we intend to start a movement against badly designed and poorly delivered webinars. We will be enlisting the help and wisdom of several other thought leaders and platform providers in this movement. To give you a feel for what is coming, here are several of the principles we will be presenting:
  • Connect or Die
  • Don't Default
  • Shut Down the Ugly
  • Captivate or Alienate
  • Cage the Monsters
  • Humanize the Screen 
  • Crack the Feedback Code
  • The Attendee Pledge
Intrigued? We hope so. We would like you to also join this signing the cover of your copy of the book, the official online Webinar Manifesto, and by changing how webinars are designed, delivered, and attended.

Stay tuned for how and when you can join!

Treion and Matt

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