Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Survive Webinars as an Extreme Sport

photo by: t r e v i
Webinars can be an extreme sport if you choose to push the limits. In order to do this and break free from the mundane–and survive–you need to be connected to a relevant network of people and organizations who can both push you to try the “extreme” and help you survive your webinar.

Commit yourself, today, to never doing ANYTHING on your own again – don’t try to think through it alone, work through it alone, solve it, suggest it, summarize or share it – alone. You have the resources, unlike any other time in history, to engage the best minds around YOUR issue. You may collect and reject a lot of what you’re offered but that’s a lot better than “winging it” all on your own. There are experts out there – find them, meet with them, listen to them, use them.

Take Action: Find resources that can connect you to others. These might be professional sites like LinkedIn or social sites like Facebook. They might be general interest gathering places or very task or job specific chat rooms where experts gather to share specific problems and to synergize solutions. Try connecting with some of these individuals and groups: 
@cindyhugg; eMarketing Association Network; The eLearning Guild; @janebozarth

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