Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What you can learn from your Twitter followers

We all choose to follow people who interest us, but it is often the people who follow us who are the interesting ones. Have you taken the time to learn about your followers? It would amaze you how much you can learn about a person by the Twitter handle they choose or how they use the 160 characters they have to work with when writing their Twitter bio.

A 160 characters to tell the world who you are. A 160 characters to represent your uniqueness. A 160 characters to make a memorable statement. A 160 characters to share your vision, mission, values, and beliefs. Or a 160 characters to completely blow it.

We read every single followers bio. Why? Because they are usually pretty amazing. Besides the overly commercial, the self indulgent, and just plain offensive bios out there, most people are quite interesting. Here are just a few:

@BicyclingNomad: I will be living a Nomad lifestyle on a Bike.

@__B_E_L_L_A__: Mom| Teacher| Ironman Triathlete| Insomniac| Animal Rescuer| Advocate Diversity| Celebrate Success| Humbled by my son with Autism. Lover of tech, life & people. 

@Uzair41111: Bio in fewer than 160 chars, hmmmm... okieeeee.. lets begin... a very simple guy with a cool attitude... yup.. thats it..

@UmaPurusotaman: There is a past which is gone forever, but there is a future which is still our own

@MiriamSleiman: I'm a work in progress, a little random, love food, pulling apart movies, being pessimistic and never, ever follow a crowd. 

@loughvara: Seeking excellence is not for the faint heartened! 

@swamisu11: Old Spice with Swagger....I am just saying... 

So what's in your bio?

Thanks for following @learningexplosn, and for goodness sake, please replace the generic egg with some kind of picture or image:)

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