Monday, January 30, 2012

Are You a Conformist or an e-Learning Rebel?

Sometimes in life you feel forced to conform. Other times you resist this peer pressure, which some may call rebellion, but you see it as something different... you see it as progress.

There is a famous psychological test called the Asch Experiment which tests the effect of group pressure on an individual. This short video says it all:

For years the conformists in the training world have told us that face-to-face training is the only effective training method. They have been the ones turned the opposite way in the elevator, forcing their backwards beliefs on the rest of us...

It's now time that we make them face forward and see what they're missing!  The only way we can do this is by not turning around when everyone else is. You have to stand forward. Stand for progress! Individually we will all be standing as a group to show the conformists how old ways of thinking are actually less effective as when new training methods are incorporated. You may be seen as a rebel or defiant, but you should wear these labels as a badge of honor.

The backward standers need to conform to us. Not us to them.

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