Monday, November 7, 2011

To learn: Just add water.

We live in a compressed world.  Everything around us seems so tightly wound or packed so tightly that it's hard to see how it can make a difference. Is there anything in that tightly packed wrapper? Perhaps you've seen your kids delight when they place a "magic capsule" in water and it expands into a sponge animal or dinosaur.

In a very real sense, this is one way learning is being delivered. Consider Twitter for instance. 140 characters. What can you do with that? (By the way this paragraph was 140 characters!)

But you can do so much!  Consider the following tweets from our Twitter feed @learningexplosn:

You have got to see this amazing new App & band that Inspires Healthy Living 

2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report via 

iPads and Beyond: Top 10 Business Applications for Tablets. Free  webinar 

Each were well under 140 characters. But for those of you new to Twitter, you may just now be realizing that the power of the tweets is found in the shortened URL at the end.  Today, it was exciting to see a woman's eyes open up to how powerful Twitter can be when she learned this simple fact.  All of a sudden, the 140 characters became a quick summary, or a headline, while the real learning was where the tweet took her.

So the next time you think learning has become too compressed just jump onto Twitter for a few minutes, add a little digital water, and expand your brain.

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