Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are you a Mutant Learner?

If we told you that you have a choice between becoming a Mutant Learner™ or a Zombie Learner™ which would you choose? Yesterday we conducted a webinar for Training Magazine and Citrix discussing this new phenomenon.

To become a Mutant Learner, you need to know how to rapidly evolve. Rather than using using social media to stumble around from site to site wasting time, you can now use social media (and some simple principles) to learn the most effective ways to find, consume and contribute relevant information to your learning needs. This can be done through something we call a Mutant Learning Lab™.

To see the an archived recording of the webinar and to begin your journey to become a Mutant Learner click here. Be sure to leave us your comments on our blog, on Twitter or on Facebook. We'd love to hear about your own mutant experiences!

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