Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How To Increase Your Professional Online Presence (POP)


Just recently we were asked for interviewing tips by two separate individuals. On further review neither had much of a Professional Online Presence (POP). In today's competitive and technologically savvy world having a POP is essential. There is so much a potential employer can learn about candidates, and so much opportunities for candidates to share about their qualifications and skills. So, think of this short post as a beginners guide to creating an effective POP.

A good place to start would be with LinkedIn. Get as many people as you can, preferably people who you have worked with, to recommend you, and write a positive review. Then join some relevant groups, and enquire about jobs, and look for job postings.

Twitter and Google+ are also great networks to build. Start following industry leaders and tweeting/sharing useful and relevant information.

Some additional online tools you could use to increase your POP are:
1.Contxts.com-- create mobile sms business cards
2. Haganblount.com -- build an infographic resume
3. Snappages.com-- create a personal/professional web page
4. Facesforce.com -- Introduce yourself, your product, idea, business, and more using a webcam

If you haven't already, start creating a POP that pops today. Then confidently share your POP details with potential employers and on your resume.

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