Monday, November 22, 2010

When we say global, we mean it.

For the first time ever, when we say “global” we really mean “global”. I remember the first day we conducted a webinar with a group of people from Korea. The following week we held one with people from Germany. Then Australia. Then Brazil. I specifically remember when we conducted a webinar that had people joined from four continents simultaneously. It was like magic.

But now it’s almost become commonplace. Not a day goes by when webinars are not being attended by someone sitting in another part of the world. All that’s required is an internet connection.

In 2008 23.9% of the world was connected to the internet—up from 12.5% just five years earlier. This means 1.58 billion people have access to the Internet. Iceland leads the globe with 90% of their population with an internet connection. However that’s less than 300,000 people. Compare that with China who has only 22% of their population connected equaling 300 million users. (Here’s a great resource we found to see the percentage of each country’s population that have access to the web:

The world is getting wired very, very fast. You can now reach a global audience rapidly, effectively, and cost effectively. Your training efforts can be expanded to people you typically could never have reached before. Put on a global mindset and try and reach beyond your physical borders. You can now teach those distributed workers that live on nearly every corner of the globe.

Have you conducted a webinar to a someone outside your own country? What went right? What went wrong?

Authors: Matt Murdoch and Treion Muller

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