Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What has your online learning experience been like?

FranklinCovey has been known for its world-class instructor-led training (ILT). But a few years ago we realized that we also needed to provide our training online, or we would be trampled by the digital revolution that was steadily moving across the globe.
We were faced with a big challenge. We needed to create an online experience that would accomplish our goal of maintaining world-class instructional design and a high quality learning experience. We started our make-over with just a handful of team members, including a couple of marketers, an Instructional Designer, a Facilitator, and a techie, and a proven platform. (We also had a wonderful support group of internal and external experts to help us)
A few years later we now have a successful business that is growing substantially. We believe we have successfully created an online alternative without compromising the quality of the product or interactive end-user experience. How we did this is a whole bunch of other blog entries, which will be coming shortly.
While we believe we have created a terrific online learning product, we also know we have a lot still to learn and improve. So, in this spirit of continual improvement, we would like to ask you knowledgeable and experienced online learners “out there” the following two questions:

1. What are some great webinars you have attended? What made them great?
2. What are some bad webinars you have attended? What made them bad?

We look forward to sharing what we learned, and also learning from you.
 Happy surfing…

Authors: Treion Muller and Matt Murdoch

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