Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is The Learning Explosion?

The Learning Explosion is the perpetual explosion of learning into countless learning fragments. Fueled by recent technological advances, this explosion is resulting in the worldwide distribution of ideas, innovation, and learning.
Technological advances are taking the traditional learning model and breaking it into billions and billions of pieces of information that we now call learning fragments. Learning fragments can be found through many different sources such as social media sites, training workshops, video documentaries, online communities, blogs, or mobile-device apps.

In fact, all of us have probably discovered new learning fragments today. Fragments like these are being created and discovered every minute of every day. Learning is everywhere and accessible to nearly everyone. This is the new learning mind-set. This is how learning takes place today.

With tools like mobile phones and the Internet, information and knowledge is easily accessible to all classes of people worldwide. The Learning Explosion has no boundaries. This omnipresence of learning fragments allows for limitless opportunities to learn, grow, and increase knowledge.

It is our mission to seek out learning fragments, learn from them, innovate, and share our insights with the world.

Matt and Treion

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