Friday, June 22, 2012

Connect Your Solution to Their Needs

illustration by: dgray_xplane
Teaching is all about a partnership. You are teaching and they are participating. If what you present is what they need and you present it in a way that captures their attention and holds it then you’ve had a successful teaching experience -- whether it's a webinar or an online self-pace course you've developed. Once you have their attention, by knowing the audience and their needs you need to keep that attention.
Remember, you have something of value to present and share. You have a possible solution to their needs. You know it, but they may not know it yet. Help them understand it. They could be somewhere else, even though they’re physically logged on. You need them to be not only “on the webinar” but “in the webinar”, engaged and fully focused.  

Review your teach and look for frequent opportunities to connect with them on their level. Your material's ability to mesh with their needs at every stage of the presentation is the best way of sending the right message.

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