Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why we LOVE social media...

On valentines day we presented a session on our how to build a Mutant Learning Lab, or Social Learning Lab, at Training Magazines 2012 Conference.

In summary, the session was how we can effectively use social media and the web in general for learning. The five-step process we introduced included, connecting to the relevant few (sites and people), creating a system where relevant information is either pushed to us or where we can easily retrieve it, scheduling just fifteeen minutes five times a day to work in your lab, following a three-step process of scanning, reviewing, and studying in our lab, and then sharing what we learn with the community...

As reinforcement to the fact that social media can be a force for good, we had individuals in our session tweet some great comments to their followers. One thought leader in the elearning field (Cindy Huggett) even went on to this website and found more information on Mutant Learning that she included as a link in her tweet (See the image for this post for how it went down).

And that's how information from a conference room in Atlanta was shared with the online community and who knows how many other people. This is only one very small example of this principle in action, and why we love social media.

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