Wednesday, September 7, 2011

21 Ways To Create a Personal Learning Lab Today!

In May we suggested that you create your own controlled learning environment, or Learning Explosion Laboratory™in order to take advantage of all the great relevant information online without being completely swamped.

In this post we share 21 Learning Lab tools and apps that are currently in existence (there are many more). However, we expect technology in this area to improve substantially in the near future. So, watch for the day when you can search, save, bookmark, archive, and share all of the relevant information you are seeking in a single tool and/or app. There isn't one that does it all today. But who knows? Maybe tomorrow...
  1. Your Browser Bookmarks -- Use this great tool wisely to organize and archive information in your learning lab.
  2. My6Sense -- Read and share most your most relevant content from your RSS and social streams.
  3. Pinterest -- Catalogue and share things you love.
  4. Genieo -- Newspaper styled homepage.
  5. iGoogle -- Your Personalized homepage. 
  6. Feedly -- Read and share the content of your favorites sites in one place. 
  7. Newsmap -- Colorful and creative way to view all your news feeds. 
  8. Netvibes -- Everything that matters to you all in one dashboard.
  9. Retaggr -- A central location for your personal info, and a gateway to all your online profiles and networks. 
  10. -- All your professional profiles in one place. Invite people to learn about you. 
  11. Thoora --Discover, monitor, and share the best content on the web.
  12. Xmarks -- Sync and search your browser bookmarks.
  13. Delicious -- Search the biggest collection of bookmarks on the web.
  14. Spinscape -- Find, organize, and share information on any topic.
  15. StumbleUpon -- Discover, rate, and share great websites.
  16. SurfSaver -- Download and organize your web pages.
  17. Clipmarks -- See clips of text, images or video about all sorts of topics that people find while surfing the web.
  18. Google Reader -- Sync all of your RSS feeds in one place.
  19. NewsFire -- Filter and organize the constant flow of information on the web.
  20. Bloomfire -- Your very own mashup of YouTube, Yahoo® Answers, and Facebook – with your people in it, and your logo on it.
  21. Flipboard -- Search, discover, browse, and share content right form your iPad.


  1. Treion,

    Another one I would add is Evernote. Here's some information I wrote up about it:

    One other element I'm working on for my personal learning lab is a stand-up desk. Low-tech obviously but an important element for me. See

  2. @Steve ... yes you are right sir:) I also love Evernote, and use it for everything. Great blog post on it BTW...

    I have always wanted to try the stand up desk...since I am at my computer all day writing, I am sure it will be much better for my back and mind.