Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Create Your Own Learning Lab

Unless you have been studying tribes in the Amazon for the past few years, you know that you can learn pretty much anything online.  Learning has exploded. The good thing about this Learning Explosion is that there is so much material to which you have access. However, this is also the bad thing about the Learning Explosion.

So, how do you take advantage of all the great relevant information online without being completely swamped? You create your very own controlled learning environment, or Learning Explosion Laboratory™.

It's in this customized learning lab where you organize and utilize relevant learning fragments for your personal learning needs.  Where you continuously discover new knowledge, try it out, apply it, experiment with it. And where you take these learning fragments and mix them together to create a unique learning experience. In so doing, you create a hybrid...a mutated form of learning.

This new mutation may or may not work for your situation. It could turn out to be a Frankenstein. But if it works you’ve succeeded! You can to use it. If it doesn’t work, you’ll go back into your Learning Lab and find other elements to assemble in an effort to create the perfect learning creation.

Get over the notion that you’ll find the perfect solution mixing in just one learning fragment. Validate your experiment with several more. Don’t ever stop with the first one. It’s about trial and error. It’s about creating multiple mutations and pulling the best pieces from each one to continually learn.

Your personal Learning Explosion Laboratory is based on how you prefer to learn, influenced heavily by the learning fragments you have been introduced to. The fact that your Learning Explosion Lab is different than your friend’s is what makes this experience so much more efficient than the traditional classroom. It does not prescribe just one or two ways to learn about something--it literally opens up a world of infinite learning fragments.


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