Monday, May 16, 2011

eLeven Publishing and eBook Learning Fragments (Issue 3)

1. eBooks see triple digit growth as paper book sales dive.
2. Learn how Amazon and Seth Godin are changing the publishing landscape with a new movement called, The Domino Project.
3.  Watch interview of Amanda Hocking, who after being rejected by NY publishers, decided to self publish, and now makes millions on ebook platforms.
4. What is the future of books? Kindle lending library, piracy, and more!
5. New study: you read slower on Kindle, iPad than with print.
6. Can writers do on their own what the big six publishers can't?
7. Why ebooks failed in 2000, and what that means for 2010 . While we don't agree with the entire article, it is an interesting counter argument.
8. Get 36 free eLearning books via
9. Is the New Yorker iPad app the beginning of the end of print.
10. How to self-publish an ebook.
11. How to self-publish a printed book.

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