Friday, August 12, 2011

What we've learned from riding the subway

If you've ever been to a big city, you've seen them -- metros, subways, trains -- call them whatever you want. There are red lines, blue lines, and fifteen shades of green lines all designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

To navigate these transportation systems, you simply locate the "end stop" on a map headed in your direction, get on the train, and get off when you've reached your stop. In some cases the train won't get you all the way there -- it may get you half way before you need to transfer to another line.

Isn't this how you learn? After identifying where you need to go you head for the "Google station" where you type in the name of your "end stop" and hop on a train?

You start down one subway line by doing a search on "how to lose weight" which leads you to an article on It's good information that gives some basic facts about how drop the lbs.

But you really want more information on an "exercise plan for workaholics". Back in the station that search produces results like and a short little article about Yoga for Workaholics.

After riding those trains for a bit, you see another stop coming up with a resource on how to painlessly cut 400 calories a day. This article helps you understand that you need to eat better, leading you to another train that takes you to an 11 step plan on how to eat and lose weight.

You get the idea. Each stop leads you throughout the maze of subway lines and roaring trains where you can learn as much as your brain can hold. Get off when you've reached your destination and then hop on another metro line to learn more.

By the way, there are two great things we've learned about riding the elearning subway. First, you never need to worry about missing a train because there's always another one coming, and second, the internet doesn't smell bad...yet.

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