Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The SOLID Process

After years of designing and developing highly interactive virtual classrooms we believe we have a sound instructional design knowledge transfer process. We call this process Simple Online Learning Instructional Design, or the SOLID Process. SOLID is an introductory ten step process that incorporates:
  • Our simplicity approach to learning.
  • Best practices from traditional and virtual instructional design theory.
  • Practices and procedures we have personally experienced and tested.
Step 1. Identify the ILT you wish to transfer to a virtual classroom.
Step 2. Pinpoint what current ILT course materials you already have. (Example: outlines, PowerPoint slide deck, participant manual, facilitator guide, course videos, etc.)
Step 3. Select the content approach you plan on using--Summarizing or Chunking
Step 4. List the virtual classroom tools you have on your chosen platform. (Example: chat, polls, whiteboard, break-out functionality, assessments, emoticons, screen sharing, etc.)
Step 5. Develop your virtual classroom outline with your web conferencing platform tools, your content approach, and instructional design best practices in mind.
Step 6. Adapt the current ILT course materials to the needs of your virtual classroom.
Step 7. Review your prototype with the content subject matter expert (SME) and make appropriate changes.
Step 8. Test with end users.
Step 9. Receive and apply feedback.
Step 10. Repeat testing and feedback steps until you feel it is ready for launch.

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