Friday, March 4, 2011

e-Leven Learning Fragments (Issue 1)

Here is the first round of some of our favorite e-Leven Learning Fragments that we’ve discovered over the past few weeks. Learning Fragments are bits and pieces of information all around us that was made available via the Learning Explosion. You'll notice that they come from all over! Some are from popular news services and others from people personal blogs.

We’ll post these Learning Fragment lists regularly so that you can find them all in one spot. If you have suggestions for other Learning Fragments, please leave a comment with the URL and a short description. We’d love to discover more!

Need to learn something new? Try out Qwiki. It’s much more than just a wiki--it has great looking multimedia built in.

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. Follow these tweets if you're looking for a great resource to get that extra motivation.

3. Visualizing Your Twitter Network
Have you ever wanted to get a graphical representation of your Twitter network?
Beth Kanter

iLeighanne's Blog: Cool Tools for Instructional Designers
We're all looking for cool stuff. On her blog post, iLeighanne has categorized some of her favorites -- from design, collaboration and editing tools.

50 Open Source Replacements for Really Expensive Software
Need some accounting software but don't have the cha-ching to pay for it? What about some business productivity or project management software? If your budget is tight, you'll like this solid list that put together.

22 Social Media Tools Worth Exploring
If Social Media is what you're after, you'll love In particular, take a look at this list of tools and services that their writers put together.

Difficult Conversations: Nine Common Mistakes
Harvard Business Review put together a great little slide show on how to hold a tough conversation with someone. So, before you open your mouth, review these simple steps.

Want to find your favorite bands on Twitter? This is how. Here's a
short article from

Google's Art Project
Are you curator at heart but can't get to the most popular museums? Well, Google is bringing the museum to you. Try zooming in to see how the detail of the brush strokes are on some of Van Gogh's paintings. Truly amazing.

HTML5 and IPv6
Does this sound like a snoozer Learning Fragment? Boring or not, the changes that are coming to the web will affect you. You might want to read about them in this article before you start your next big project.

How small businesses are using Social Media posted this great looking and very informative infographic created by
has written a fun little article on how to visualize it. with a bit more detail on how it works as well as some future upgrades.@amlamster on the topic.

Do you have any other great Learning Fragments? Leave us a comment or post it to Twitter with the hashtag #lfrag so everyone can enjoy them!


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