Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So? Did You Take a Break From Social Media?

We didn't post or tweet anything over the long-weekend and we survived. How about you?

It was hard at first not to whip out the iPhone and check my Twitter or Facebook streams, but by Christmas I was almost completely weaned of my technological appendages...but now I am right back in the swing of things again...(good or bad?)

While I am a huge proponent of technology being used for life and learning, I am also a believer in moderation and appropriatness, which is why I bought my eleven year-old a motorized scooter instead of an iPod Touch like many of her friends. I think children should spend their childhood outside with friends not in front of a screen all many of us adults. She will have her fair share of hand-held devices throughout her life, but for now I like the notion of her playing with other real kids instead.

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  1. I wish I had spoken to you before Christmas. I had two kids that spent all Christmas connected to electronic devices and it hasn't gotten much better.