Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The world is changing. Are you?

The Learning Explosion at 30 Rockefeller Plaza
On a recent trip to New York, we had the chance to listen to some incredible speakers at the World Business Forum. One of these was Seth Godin. (Side note: If you don't follow Seth's blog, start today!)

Seth's message was that everything is going to change. When it does, what will you do? His secret is to become the person that nobody else can be. Become an artist and create something unique that people want and can use. Not necessarily an artist with brush and paint, but an artist in your industry. What you don't want to be is interchangeable.

In other words, you need to mutate! But don't think of this as growing ugly horns or thick scales. Think of this as a positive mutation in an effort to adapt to your ever changing environment. And don't think of this as an evolution. This is a dramatic change that needs to occur inside of you. You need to discover the undiscovered and create something new--become something different.

We believe there are mutants among us (like Seth Godin who is changing the publishing industry with the Domino Project) and those who have passed on (like Steve Jobs who changed the music and communication industry with the iPod and iPhone).

The questions then remain, will you change? And if so, into what will you mutate?

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