Friday, June 24, 2011

Power Friending with Amber Mac

We met Amber Mac this week at the mLearn Conference in San Jose. She's the author of Power Friending a guide to "demistify social media to grow your business." In the book she does a good job deconstructing a lot of tools and techniques to use social media. The premise is simply to use the same social skills online that you use offline.

We really enjoyed her presentation. She provided some great statistics around online learning. For example:
  • 51% of organizations will be doing more mobile learning in 2011.
  • 68% mobile penetration by the end of 2011.
  • Only about 10% of followers will ever actually go to your Facebook page (meaning you need to be on their wall).
  • Younger generations are going to EXPECT online learning as part of their lives.
You can find her complete presentation as a PDF on her company's site.

But the one thing that stood out for us was the fact she practices what she preaches -- that is being a friend.  We spoke with her briefly after her keynote remarks at the conference and again at her book signing where we were able to ask a couple of questions. She was genuinely interested in what we were asking and made us feel like friends. We exchanged business cards and within a couple of hours she was following us on Twitter.

We recommend buying her book and taking her rules into your organization. Also, be sure to follow her at

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