Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where you find the answers.

The Learning Explosion has forever altered how we learn. To help understand the impact of this event, ask yourself two simple questions:
1. “What problem did I have this week to which I didn’t know the answer?”           
2. Follow that with, “Where did I find the answer?”
If you are like most people, you probably turned to one of your trusted learning-fragment sources, like a favorite website or a mobile app. We doubt anyone drove to the nearest library, pulled down an Encyclopedia Britannica, and searched the pages to find the answer. If you did, we need to talk.
What exactly is a learning fragment? They are the result of the Learning Explosion. They are scattered bits of information and knowledge. Learning fragments can be found through many different sources such as social media sites, training workshops, video documentaries, online communities, blogs, books, or mobile apps.

So, keep a list of and let others know about them. If you're on Twitter, just add #lfrag to your tweets so we can all learn what you've found.

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